Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Friday, July 27, 2012

To Say Thank You!


In just 24 hours we have received an overwhelming amount of
well wishes
new friend requests
and even financial support
already for our empending adoption of Kai (aka Joseph of Shepherd's Field).

We wanted to say Thank You

Then today we realized looking at agency paperwork that we need a little more money real soon than we originally thought...

Agency fee for second child - $2,500
USCIS fee for supp 3 - $360
CCCWA / BLAS & wiring fees - $1200

So as a Thank You for Donations...

ONE lucky Contributor will ge GIVEN a NEW HP LAPTOP valued at $469

Donation of $5 will get your name in the drawing one time

Donation of $20 will get your name in the drawing five times

You can use the Chip - In button on right or go to

Please share...

Tell all your friends!

Drawiing 8-12-12

And hopefully we'll have PA before then, in Jesus name, Amen

Oh, and if you already blessed us to help bring Kai home in the last day or two, we will gladly add your name ot the drawing. Just please message me if your interested.

This should cover the immediate costs of our adding a second child to bring Kai home too. Of course, we will have his orphanage donation fee of $5,600, his child Visa ($300),  his in country legal fees & medical exam (approx $1300) & and additional travel to him (as he & Eli are not in same province). But I KNOW God is FAITHFUL and I BELIEVE He will provide. So please just pray for him, Eli and us and if God leads you to give... great! If not, then still PRAY!
God bless you all tenfold!

We are really looking forward to watching God show off even more to make such a wonderful difference in both Kai's and Eli's lives.

Oh, and before I forget...
I have to give God another shout out of praise
In all the excitement for becoming Kai's family,
I forgot to share that we had received a $250 donation this month to help bring Eli home.
Woohoo! Praise the Lord!
We also have gotten sponsors for 62 puzzle pieces to go towards Eli's orphanage donation fee.
And Levi took his change can he'd been collecting for months and got $48.71.
Together with savings & other funds rasied we deposited $681.71 into his adoption account.


So God is working on bringing both our precious boys home.

Thank you Jesus!

With a heart full of love,
Sherry - momma to NOW 6 wonderful kiddos

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Add one son...

Today I turn 40 yrs old

And this may be my best birthday ever!

My loving hubby made me a super dinner last night & breakfast this am.

My big boys made an effort to be present J

My family put thought into some nice gifts.

But the Lord gave me a HUGE gift, only he could give...

We have an Approved Home Study Update to Adopt TWO Children Concurrently

and . . .

We have LOCKED the file of JOSEPH of Shepherd’s Field!!!

Joseph is 13 yrs old and at risk of aging out of the China adoption program

And he has a complex congenial heart defect that needs surgery which China can't do

Thank you to all Joseph’s prayer warriors.

Boy do I have a story how God moved a MOUNTAIN for everyone...


For now know that God is AMAZING and Joseph has a family coming for him.

So we will bring home TWO sons by the end of year of the Dragon.

Remember this pic from my Nov 6, 2011 blog post...

Notice there are TWO Koi fish, a big one and a smaller one.

Yeah, well apparently we missed that part when the legend spoke to us about bringing home a dragon. But you'll have to check back for "The Rest of the Story" later.

Please pray for quick PA

Pray for both boys, for Joseph's heart as his buddy Philip is being adopted this week and leaving and for his physical heart to stay strong, at least until we can bring him home to get the help he needs.

Pray for finances.

We need $2,500 to pay our adoption agency fee for second child when we receive PA.

So because we are hoping for a quick PA, we started the fundraiser Please Help Kai Come Home w/ $2,500 in 7 days. There is a Chip-In at the right side of the blog. If you feel led to help...

Yes, there is a Reeces Rainbow page for Joseph, but it can only be applied to travel and/or orphanage donation fee. But Donations made to it are Tax Deductions, so you may choose this:

Either way, to God be the glory and may He bless you tenfold for your gifts, support and prayers!

Now onto the next part of the news...

We have given Joseph the name KAI JOSEPH.

Kai means REJOICE and in Chinese means VICTORY

And Joseph means add, “The Lord shall add to me another son.” Gen 30:24

We knew we were using the name Joseph for this adoption...

We just didn't know is was actually for "Joseph".

Thus we are now on the Adventure 4 Eli + Kai.

Well, I am exhausted...

It's been a long day, so I bid you good bye for now and please continue to pray for us and our boys waiting in China.



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The count begins

We are officially...

Which means China has now "Logged In our Dossier" (our paperwork) into their database/system.

I am SO excited!!!!!

Now the BIG wait begins...

We are now counting to what is referred to as "LOA"

Letter of APPROVAL

Now called LSC or Letter of Seeking Confirmation.

When China offcially approves our application to adopt Eli.

We, our adoption agency, USCIS, none of us have anything to do with this wait.

The estimated wait for LOA can be 30-120 days.

There is no rhyme or reason to the major difference in wait times.

Lately others have been averaging there LOAs in approx 55-70 days.

China Adoption Online estimated timeline

Please pray for us as we continue to fundraise & save for the orphanage donation fee.

Which is due when we receive LOA.

Please pray also for Eli & his preparation for this huge transition coming soon to his life.

Thank you to all our supporters! Lord continue to bless you all tenfold.

Sincerely... one happy momma,