Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Saturday, January 28, 2012

CHI Photo Contest & More Ebay'ing for Eli!

Please help... Our family is in a Photo Contest at our adoption agency.

We are entered in 3 catagories and each one is worth a grant towards adoption. So please go vote!!!
Family - pic #11 Patton
(family pic taken at Steve's USAF retirement)
Child - pic #15 Patton 
(Levi giving me pic he made me on touchpad)
Holiday - pic #11 Patton 
(Levi blowing out candles on Eli's B-Day cake)
You can only vote once in each category, so please spread the word. Please help us win to receive grant money to help bring Eli home!

Also, new Boston Terrier item listed on Ebay to help bring Eli home:
Boston Terrier Hand Painted Stone Necklace

Hand painted Boston Terrier head on a beautiful pink Stone, hung on a suede corded 18" necklace and just in time for Valentines Day!
Thank you again to Victoria Wilt of Heartbeat Bostons for donating this beautiful necklace.
Blessings tenfold,


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ebay Adventures 4 Eli

So today we began listing things on Ebay to help raise money to bring Eli home. This started today because Dad (Steve) got motivated to help. He had found some unopened printer ink we don't use and wanted to try listing it. So we did and it sold in less than two hours. We tried the Buy It Now option just to see... And it worked. It probably would have sold sooner, but I uploaded the wrong pic and was asked for correct info... Oops! Then after uploading correct info, it sold in 5 min. Wow! Praise the Lord that's more money in the adoption fund for Eli. Woohoo!

Next I began listing some of the beautiful Boston Terrier items a fellow breeder/exhibitor handmade & donated to Eli's adoption fund. Victoria Wilt of Heartbeat Bostons is a talented & generous women and I pray the good Lord bless her tenfold for her blessings to us & Eli. If you are a Boston enthusiasts then please go check out these Ebay auction items. We will be posting more items too, we just didn't want to post ALL of them in one day.

Boston Terrier Heart Pin

Boston Terrier Silver & Stone Handpainted Necklace

In addition to Ebay, I have still been gathering all our docs and things for home study and Dossier. The new certified copy of our marriage license arrived last week, and today our certified birth certificates came. Yay!

Still lots to do, but I am just trying to continue to plow thru it all the best I can. I can't help but feel like we are behind, but am so trying not to get discouraged. I also still desperately want to know if Eli received our care pkg of Christmas gifts, his birthday cake and the Chinese New Year care pkg we ordered. Sigh... The not knowing is hard! But I must admit, every time I begin to feel even a little bit discouraged, God provides a blessing to remind me we are in His will and He will take us thru and bring Eli home... Like today's Ebay adventures that brought in funds. Thank you Lord for your unending faithfulness!  :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

What a wonderful day we have had... Celebrating with friends, eating authentic chinese food, learning lots of new info about the chinese culture and finishing a great fundraiser to help bring our son home.  :)

Our day started with a Chinese New Year luncheon with our good friends the Rutherfords. The kids all played outside, played inside, colored Mulan & other chinese pics, and ate lots of chinese treats. Yum!

Then we all enjoyed a wonderful home made chinese lunch. OMGoodness it was sooo good! The kids, and some of the older folks too, watched Mulan. Classic movie! "Add a cricket just for luck and even you can't blow it." - Mulan's Grandmother  ;)

Next our family traveled back to our home town to enjoy a celebration combined with our BIG Kindle Fire Give Away at a local Chinese Buffet that some new friends own. We enjoyed the buffet and some special made food just for our group, plus lots of laughing & pics while the kids played too.

And of course we had a BIG drawing for the Kindle Fire Give Away...

We asked the waiter to help us out...

They shook up and mixed up all the many, many tickets...

And the WINNER is...


Then we finished our celebration with cake.

There are four families represented here, all celebrating together. Love it!

and they let the youngest child cut the cake. lol  Molly cut some BIG ole' pieces too  ;)

So THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone that helped support our Kindle Fire Give Away by Donations, help & support and prayer. We really appreciate it! May God bless you all tenfold!

I also want to give a shout out to our the Lord, who provides abundantly. Our goal for this fundraiser was $1,000 after expenses of Paypal fees & purchasing the Kindle Fire. And Praise God we raised $1,177.37!

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord & Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Only ONE more day until we GIVE AWAY a KINDLE FIRE!!!

Please Donate to get your name in drawing... Just a little over 24 hrs left!
Only $10 Donation or $20 for 4 x's  

Paypal Donations to
And if you Donate for Kindle Fire and share/x-post, send me the link & we'll put your name in drawing an extra time. :)  We want for as many people as can to get a chance at this Give Away & I'd love to make our $1,000 goal for this fundraiser. Thanks in advance!
We are drawing during a Chinese New Year Celebration at a local Chinese Buffet with fellow adoptee & chinese families. Party starts at 5:30pm (CST), so get those Donations in before then... 
Also since Jan is coming to an end, we've reduced the price of our Adoption Success Stories 2012 Calendars to only $10! That's right just $10 each, plus S/H ($3.50 for one & $1 ea additional).
So if you haven't gotten yours yet, please order ASAP. We've sold 125 & everyone LOVES them. And why not, they are beautiful! So hurry while supplies last...
Thanks to all our supporters! Thru gifts, calendar sales & Kindle Fire Donations, we're getting close to our $3,000 goal for our adoption agency payment.
Happy Chinese New Year,

Friday, January 20, 2012



My goal for this fundraiser was $1,000.
And praise the Lord, from whom all blessings flow, at present we are sitting at approx $950.
But we have to purchase the Kindle Fire, which is $199.
I estimate we need to raise approx $250 more, in order to make the $1,000 goal for this fundraiser.
I would LOVE to see us make the actual $1,000 goal...



I will also add your name to the drawing if you donate, or already donated, and post this to your blog or fb. Just send me a link before Monday and we will add your name again to the drawing.

We are celebrating Chinese New Year at a local Chinese Buffet with some fellow adoptive families & will be drawing for the Kindle Fire Give Away at the celebration. So Donate now & watch this blog Monday eve.

Thank YOU to all the wonderful supporters so far!
May the Lord bless you each tenfold, in Jesus name, Amen!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Birthday celebration in America

I realized I had posted these pics to facebook, but not to the blog. So while I wait... impatiently... for pictures from China of Eli havign his birthday cake there we ordered for him. These will have to do. :)

We just had a small cake we picked up at HEB with Steve, Zoe, Levi & myself. The kids enjoyed putting sugar letters on it. Because I never buy these... lol  And in honor of Eli's chinese heritage we added apples, the only fruit in the house.

Levi picked out sparkler candles in Eli's favorite colors of red, yellow & green, and Dad lit them.

It was quite the little show... :)

Levi asked to blow out the candles for his brother...

It was a tall order with those sparklers. At one point Levi asked if they were trick "re-light" candles. lol

Zoe insisted she got to cut the cake for her brother, since Levi got to blow out the candles. :)

Levi obliged & began eating the sugar letters...

This was a fun intimate family celebration.

Good thing we watched a movie after to allow the sugar highs to come down. ;)

But Levi enjoyed the fruit on the cake too.

Steve REALLY didn't want his pic taken. But was very much a part of the celebration.
Since I was the one taking pics, I avoided the camera. lol

Zoe amazes me how much she WANTS this adoption. God has blessed us with a truly wonderful daughter. I mean really, how many teenage girls do you know who just want another little annoying brother... lol

We smeared what we could of frostthe glazed icing on Levi's face in honor of chinese tradition and in Eli's place.
Can't wait to get pics of Eli's birthday celebration in China. Next year, God willing, we will all be together!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Eli!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Eli, Happy Birthday to you...

I am trying to imagine him celebrating his birthday and eating cake with his friends... (sniff, sniff) We sent him a cake to celebrate (Thanks Ladybugs 'N Love) and I can't wait to get pics back.

But mostly I'm just praying he has a good day and make memories he will cherish forever, and yet also be happy & hopeful that this is his last birthday he will celebrate without his very own forever family.

In celebration of his Birthday, please watch the short 2 min video of him on the left side. It is the video that made us fall in love with him. :)
And if you want to help us celebrate & you'd like to send Eli birthday wishes, please leave comments. We plan to print them all out for him when he comes home. Also if you'd like to make a donation towards his adoption, as a birthday gift, please use Chip-In button to right, or Paypal to But whatever you do, please at least say a special prayer for Eli as he celebrates his 10th birthday.

Sherry & family