Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Today is Rev' up the Fundraising Day!

Well we have received all but one state's background clearances for our home study. We have also completed our 12 hours of Hague required training. We are very close to being done with our home study. I can feel it... But after a phone call from our adoption agency yesterday, I realized we have quite a bit of funds coming due very soon... Document certifications & authentications, courier fees, more fingerprinting, & more agency fees. Eek! How did I not realize this? I just can't process this entire process at one time, or I get overwhelmed and so I have to break it down into managabel chunks. And I was on the home study chunk. (lol) And I thought I was doing so good at gathering the Dossier documents... But it seems I also have quite a bit of paperwork & document stuff still to due. And just when I think we are so close to completing something, another something presents itself as needing done... Oh well, all part of bring Eli home!

So Fundriasing...

Well here is an Update on Scarves of Love for Eli:

Left to Right:
Brilliant Blue (approx 84” x 5”)
Purple Majesty (72" x 5")
M & M Green (approx 92” x 5 ½“)
Olivine Green (approx 72” x 5”)
Baby Blue (68" x 5")
Valentine Red w/ Black Tassels (approx 88” x 5”)
Angel White (approx 84” x 5”)
 Levi’s best friend’s GREAT-GRANDMOTHER hand knitted these and donated them to help raise money for us to bring Eli home.

Please use Chip-In button to right & label “Scarf” & specify which one with names listed below. If you prefer to mail a check or pay locally, please email us for address & to reserve your choice.

Next we have some more fabulous Boston Terrier items up for auction on Ebay, donated by Boston Terrier breeder Victoria Wilt of Heartbeat Bostons to help raise funds for our adoption.

We will also be uploading more computer software for auction on Ebay too... 

And we are working on plans for our next BIG Give Away fundraiser. So be watching for it and help us bring Eli home!

Thanks to everyone that has and is supporting and praying for us on this adventure. We couldn't do it without you. May God bless you as you help us and Eli.

Sherry & family
We’re asking donations be $10 per scarf, plus S/H ($3.50 for one & additional $1.50 per scarf).

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