Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Last night in China!

Well, I will try to catch everyone up...

The boys each passed their TB skin tests yesterday. Yay!

Steve brave daddy that he is, took them with the guide and another family, because there was not room in the van for all 6 of us and the 3 of them, plus our guide and the driver. So we agreed, I would stay in hotel with Zoe & Levi.

Monday afternoon Zoe & I did some shopping, with the wonderful Ann of .

Last night we took Chinese take out dinner up to the roof of the hotel. It was too cold to swim, but there was a Foosball table and we had fun just playing and hanging out up there.

Today we made it to, and thru, our US Consulate appointment today...

The car ride to the US Consulate was almost an hour, due to the awful traffic. We got there, got in line & then made it into the waiting area with all the other families. The wait was not real long, and the people were very nice. The kids were great!

Only one little question about Eli's paperwork & the guy says it should all be good. Tomorrow our guide will pick up the boys visas. Yay! So we are ... done with paperwork! Woohoo!!! I am so happy!

Our guide will pick up the boys US travel visas tomorrow.

On the way back to our hotel Eli got car sick... common occurrence. My poor little guy... :(

So after arriving we took a walk to go book shopping... scored some Ultraman books, American stories in Chinese/English, a few education discovery science books in Chinese, Kung Fu Panda, etc.

Then McD's hamburgers & ice cream for lunch, and back to the room. The kids played Legos, video games, card games, watched TV, we put together puzzles & we ate Chinese take out for dinner again, but in the room tonight.

So tomorrow we will sleep in, eat breakfast, and pack...

We have to Check out of our hotel at 2pm Wed China time (12 midnight, CST).

The boys Visas can't be picked up until 3:30pm, so we will be hanging out in the hotel lobby for about 3 hrs. Pray for the hotel... lol

Our guide said she hopes to be here by 4:30pm.

We will load the luggage and people into a hired Van, which will depart at 5pm (hopefully...) and drive us to the China/Hong Kong border. Then apparently we have to move to a new van, yep all the luggage and people, and then continue traveling to the Hong Kong airport. All total drive time we are told is 3 hours.

Thank God I found some motion sickness meds at a Chinese pharmacy this afternoon, with Kai's help of translating. He can help sometimes and it is a HUGE blessing. :)

We will get to the airport with plenty of time to check in and maybe get some food. We depart Hong Kong at 12:55AM Thur (10:55am Wed CST).

Arrive Seoul, Korea- 5:20AM (4:20pm Wed CST)
Depart Seoul- 11AM (10pm Wed CST)

Yup, 5 hr lay-over...

We are scheduled to arrive at DFW, Terminal D - 8:20AM Thur CST (Flight Korean Air 31)
Note: Then we have to process thru Immigration, Customs & Baggage... I'm told 30-60 min.

But the moment the boys feet hit US soil, they will both be US Citizens!!! Yay!!!

We invite anyone interested to welcome them home.

Then we drive home 1.5 hrs in OUR van, and some help for luggage. (lol)

I think I counted like 33 hours of traveling by the time we get HOME Thur. Pray for us...

Well, our VPN keeps going off... it's taken me two hours to post this.
So please keep us in your prayers and I will update soon after we get home. Thank you ALL!!! God bless you tenfold for all your prayers and support. Kai & Eli are adjusting very well. We get hugs and kisses at night. They are happy all day long. They are both very excited about the plane trip to America tomorrow. In fact we have been trying to get them to go to sleep for over half an hour and they're still giggling. (lol)
God is so amazing!
I am happy to be going home, but certainly have a new appreciation for home... America that is!
God bless America!
Signing off from China,



  1. Been following along. Praising God and so happy you're almost home! Pretty soon you can start the home part of adjustment. Oh, doesn't HOME just sound wonderful!

  2. Have a safe trip home! Take some snacks as the snack bars/restaurants don't open in Seoul until about 7 or 8am unfortunately.

  3. Hurray! You are almost on to the next chapter of your lives. :) Will be praying you home. Can't wait to see your first post from TX.