Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Sunday, December 2, 2012

3 more days to go...

Sorry for no new pics or updates. It's so hard to have to go to lobby to check email and what not. But only 3 days left...

Can not wait to get with our two new boys home, join our two waiting boys and have all 6 Patton kids under one roof.

Yesterday we went to the Safari Park. It was AWESOME! Steve took a ton of pics, but I will have to wait to upload them. We saw TONS of tigers, all different species, including cubs and babies even. We also saw lots of Pandas. We fed monkeys and giraffes, which was totally cool! I mean where can you do and see these things? It was an adventure getting there with our 6 and a fellow adoptive family of 3... all trying to stay together on the very busy metro/subway with two changes on a Sat in Guangzhou, China! But we made it and it was a blast and we are so glad we went.

Today we had another adventure as we took TWO taxis, because there are 6 of us, to the Victory hotel on Shamian Island to find the christian church. Problem is my taxi dropped me, Zoe & levi off at Victory west and Steve's taxi dropped him, Kai & Eli at Victory east and we had no way to communicate... Thankfully after abotu a half hour we found eachother and even made it to the church. lol We missed the music and arrived at the tale end of worship. Got to hear/participate in the scripture reading. The service was Chinese/English translated. The church was PACKED out! The sermon was good. It was about being ready for Jesus coming back and how we do not know the hour and we should be on watch and not be distracted by wordly things. Great word! :) We left as they were getting ready to begin communion. Not a conversation we were ready to have with our two new boys just yet.

Then we just enjoyed walking around and taking in the beautiful sites of Shamian Island. We took lots of pics of us with statues and just having fun. There was even a Starbucks for us big kids and a playground for the little kids... lol

We stopped for lunch at the famous Lucy's. Kai & Eli ate chinese, Steve, Zoe, Levi & I ate american. lol But we all ate till we were full. Then we walked back to the Victory west and took ONE taxi back to our hotel. It was tight, but well worth no more mishaps of loosing eachother.

We have just relaxed at the hotel for a few hours. The kids have played, while Steve & I are still working on the issue of how to get our large family and LOTS of luggage to the Hong Kong airport Wed night.

Trying not to get stressed over that issue, at least it means we are getting close to going home. Yay!!!

Tonight we are meeting some other adoptive families for mexican dinner... yes, you read that right, MEXICAN dinner here in Guangzhou, China. Steve is so very ready for something different to eat. lol It is close to the other families hotel, so we will take a taxi again. I think ONE... lol

Tomorrow morning the boys have the TB checks. Please pray for no problems. Eli's is not even noticeable, but kai's is bruised still. Both have complained of arm pain from their shots and have had tylenol each day and night. My poor boys. :( Tomorrow afternoon Zoe & I will go shopping with Ann of Redthreads, while the guys chill in the hotel. And we hope tomorrow eve to meet up with some more adoptive families for dinner again. We shall see I guess...

Tuesday is our US Consulate appointments. That is the most important reason we are here in Guangzhou. They interview us, check all the boys paperwork and issue their visas to enter the US. We can not leave China with the boys without those visas.

So that's the update. Sorry no pics this time. Maybe tomorrow... if I can find some time to sit in the lobby again. Thanks again for all your prayers and support. We feel them!

Love to all,
Sherry and family


  1. We ate Mexican twice when we were there. It was so good and such a welcome change. I'm glad things are going well.

    We took a van to Hong Kong. It was great. It dropped us off at the hotel and I didn't have to struggle with the train and luggage! It was a little more expensive but worth every penny for the peace of mind and no hassle!

    Our agency made the arrangement for us.

  2. We also took a van to Hong Kong the morning of our flight. It was cheaper for us to stay in Guangzhou the extra night and like Vicky said it cost a bit more, but so worth it to get in the van, drive to the airport and be dropped off right at the door.