Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For those wondering...

and hopefully praying. :)  I thought you'd like an update.

Steve & I had our physicals done yesterday. The drs office is waiting for the lab results before notarizing the medical forms. Once we have those in hand, we will send in our package to be able to "Lock" our son.

Next, our agency contacted the agency with the boy we wish to adopt yesterday. The other agency did not say No to the transfer. But that they needed to make sure there were no interested families in their own agency and then would have an office meeting to consider if they all agreed to transfer his file. They said they were open to transfer tho, and would get back to our agency in a couple days.

So we took that as good news! Yay!

Next news was an encouraging message I received from a dear friend this am, who shared their plans to make a nice size donation to help our adoption. That is all I can say at this time. But I praise God for his continued encouragement!

Then later this morning I received a message that the agency with the boy we want, has one family reviewing his file now. They hope to know by Monday if the family wishes to move forward or not, and they'll let our agency know as soon as they know if he becomes available for transfer.

We are not discouraged by this news, because we know adoptive parents review lots of kids files. We ourselves have several boys files we have considered. So IF he is indeed meant to be our son, as we hope and pray, he will be available for transfer to us. Perhaps we just need to wait... :) 

And the next tid bit of info is a glimpse at a fundraiser I hope to do, if there is enough interest.

Adoption Success Stories Calendar Fundraiser for Eli
*Our goal is to raise adoption awareness and while raising funds to help bring Eli home.
We will offer adoptive families, with children already home, the opportunity to tell a little of their story by submitting pictures and info of their kids to be spotlighted for a month of choice in the calendar, for a donation. **They will also receive one FREE calendar with their sponsorship.**
2012 Wall Calendar (8.5 x 11)
January-                                 February-                               March-                                   April-
May-                                       June-                                       July-                            August-
September-                             October-                                 November-                 December-

Donating Adoptive families will submit

Family Picture:
Plus one single photo of the adopted kids (optional):
Family name:
Family city and/or state (optional):
Adoptive kids’ first or first & middle name:
Adoptive kids’ Gotcha Day:
Adoptive kids’ place of birth:
Adoptive kids’ Special Need if applicable:
One line testimony sentence:

*All design and art work provided by professional photographer/artist for each month sponsored

We will then also be taking orders for the calendar sales to anybody & everybody. They will make great testimonies on your own wall, share your adoptive friends’ stories, but think Christmas gifts too. J
Once we have all the months sponsored and info submitted, we can order the calendars to be printed, hopefully in time for Christmas. J
We’ve seen this fundraiser done for pet health & rescue awareness, how much more important are the orphans.
The donation amount we’ve seen for sponsoring a month for your family’s story was $50, but we’re open to suggestion at this point. We also think we can sell the calendar for approx $12, but would need to add S/H.
We’d really like to hear feedback both on who’s interested in sponsoring a month to spotlight their kids’ story, as well as how many folks are interested in purchasing a calendar of this type… And if there is enough interest we can begin immediately and get them done in time for Christmas.

Well that's all for today. Actually that was quite a lot to update. But I am looking forward to the responses.
Zai jian,

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