Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

News in three subjects

Well today's blog will be three announcements of very different news:
First PRAISE THE LORD is that we have made our goal of $600 by the end of November. Woohoo!!!Between the Chip-In / $11 for Eli donations, a "Spare Change for Eli" can that Levi made to help bring his brother Eli home and put in our den and we've all been adding coins to, and a generous donation of $500 by an adoption advocate family friend we have our first goal of $600 for our official application. God is good!
Second news report: We are still patiently awaiting an update on a 9 yr old boy we are very interested in. Praying and wondering why it's been 2 weeks since our agency requested an update and still no news. We also have not received any info from our orphanage call we ordered either. So I can't help but think "Lord, is he not our child?" Then hubby says it could be God telling us no, or it could be the enemy trying to keep us from him. Pray! So why do I keep thinking about other boys... especially one little one... So you see, we need prayer for clear direction to our son Eli. And I want to thank those of you that I know are praying for us. It is much appreciated!
And third announcement is that even tho there is no progress on the Lock-In front, there is progress on the calendar... It is full!!! Yay!!!
The 2012 Adoption Success Stories Calendar has 12 months of wonderful families and beautiful adopted kiddos!!!
The sponsoring highlighted families are busy submitting their great pics & stories, and the giving professional artist is busy creating it all into one great calendar for everyone to share and enjoy.
So now it's time for everyone to place their orders... because as soon as the layout work is done, this thing is headed to the printer. Don't miss out!
What a great way to share the wonderful blessing of adoption 12 months a year, and what joy to share a different success story every month.  :)
All proceeds will be going towards our adoption to help bring Eli home, specifically towards our $3,000 agency fee first payment.
Calendars cost $12 each, plus S/H  ($3.50 for one, plus $1 per additional calendar). 
That's only $1 per month!!! (Not including shipping, but the more you order the cheaper shipping per calendar will cost.)
You can place order via the Chip-in on our blog or Paypal to
Thank you to the 12 great sponsoring families, we couldn't do this project without you & I can't wait to see your beautiful children on each month.
*Permission to cross post. I'd love to share these stories with the world...
In closing, please remember this is the season of advent... I'd like to share a thought which came to me as I am writing this update, and that is that the meanign of advent is a preparation season for our savior. And that has special meaning and new perspective to me this year. As adoptive parents we spend a season of preparation for our children to arrive. Many of us are doing it right now. And in a sense, we are viewed as their saviors. But something to consider is tho Jesus is our savior and therefore blesses us, how can we be a blessing to him as our children are to us. I don't know if I am expressing my words well tonight, I am so full of emotions. But I know I love and appreciate my Lord and Savior so much and I pray I can be a blessing to Him and please Him this Christmas season by taking on a spirit of giving to as many as I can in lots of ways.
God bless you all tenfold for your giving spirits!
a thoughtful Sherry 


  1. I forgot to direct you to the "24 Days of Giving" link on the side of this update. Please check out a fellow adoption families efforts to GIVE and see what God might lead you to do.

  2. There is also another adoptive family "Paying it Forward"... check out how they are GIVING, even while fundraising to bring home two children on their blog:

    I am telling you these folks so inspire me! ;)