Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Friday, November 30, 2012

On last leg of this trip

Thankfully we left Xian yesterday and arrived safely in Guangzhou last night.

Eli was very excited to fly on the plane and was rambunctious all day and more communicative to us than ever before. All smiles too. Kai was so happy to be on our way and one step closer to going to America. And the rest of us couldn't agree more. Two weeks and we are so ready to come home!

Everyone was exhausted when we finally arrived at our hotel, and we have no internet in our hotel rooms, so after fighting with my phone in the lobby , we all just went to bed.

We got up this morning, ate breakfast in hotel and met our guide to go to get the boys Medical Exams. Kai new what was coming, so he did not want to get out of bed; he did not eat much breakfast (so unlike him) and he hid in bathroom before we left for clinic. :(

My poor boy! He & Eli had asked the guide in Xian why we needed to go to Guangzhou and she had explained everything to them. He is afraid of shots! So today was not a happy day...

First paperwork chaos again over Eli's paperwork. Ugh! Then finally onto the clinic. But yeah, my dear sweet hubby asked if we could stop by a Starbucks on the way because it had already been a mornign and my head hurt and the coffee at breakfast tasted burnt. yuk! So I did get a yummy Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks this morning. What a treat! :)

When we got to clinic we started with photos of the boys, and more paperwork.

Then onto the boys exams. Eli has aq cold, but no chest congestion, which was very good news for this momma. Kai shocked the doctor... Dr could NOt believe he can walk around and function at only about 78% oxygenated blood. But after ENT and general screening it was time to talk vaccinations.


Much to my disgrin and tho I argued, and they both had shot records from their orphanages, they had to each get four shots plus the TB test.

They and momma were NOT happy. But they said we did not have a choice if we wanted to bring our boys home. :(  The doctor agreed to stay with Kai because he was very scared. A couple nurses helped hold him still. I was so sad for him. Eli did not like it either, but he sat on dad's lap and nurses helped him be still. I fully expected him to cry and he didn't.

We promised them both hamburgers and ice cream from McDs. So that was lunch. Other than that, we are staying in and letting them rest. Both of their arms hurt and I have already given them pain relievers. Kai's TB test site is bruised. Eli's does not even hardly have a pin mark. Pray all goes well when we go back Monday AM to check the TB test sites. They have to pass to come home.

Anyway, laptop is showing low battery and I need to get back up to the rooms. Here are some pics for all to enjoy...

Nope! Lost the VPN 3 times... Then my laptop battery died... Really?!

So after some Chinese cartoons with the kids; Pizza Hut in the room for dinner; family game of Uno; getting kids jammied, medicated, teeth brushed, faces washed, hugged & kissed and tucked into bed... the laptop battery was charged enough for me to come back down to the lobby to attempt to finish this blog post.

Lord I am grateful for ALL the MANY blessings I have in my home country of America!

So here are the pics I promised:

The luggage for 6 people for 3 weeks.

Brothers playing tic-tac-toe. (Zoe taught Eli)

Passing time waiting in Xian for Eli's passport

The Dramamine must be working...

Eli is very excited to fly for first time

Kai was tired,
but still happy to finally be flying to GZ.

Koi fish were great company for breakfast in hotel this am.

In Guangzhou after McD's hamburgers & ice cream.

I will try to update while here in Guangzhou, but maybe not everyday like before. We hope to go to the Safari Park at least while here, maybe tomorrow.

We just have two FREE days. I told our guide today, NO PAPERWORK tomorrow. I promised the kids fun on free days, and no waiting and waiting around. I think the long journey may be wearing on this momma and I am getting a bit cranky. Today the guide aqnd I had a miscommunication. Her English is not great and I just could not understand what she was trying to explain. Turns out it was oppostie what our agency told us, so that wasn't helping... Anyway, she got upset with me, raised her voice and started yelling the same thing she had been saying, which did not help me understand her. So then she yelled "NO!"... By this time I had had enough and told Steve tag his turn to do paperwork... sigh!

Yep, I just want to come home...

God please help me get through these last 5 days here in China, without loosing my salvation and with bringing all six of us home. Father help me to be peaceful, patient, loving, gentle and kind.

Thank you all for your prayers. Today the kids were all off a little bit. Hoping for a better days to come. The boys arms both hurt them still tonight. I forgot and squeezed Eli's when I hugged him good night. Oops! Bad new momma! But he did give both Steve & me a kiss when we said good night and asked. That's progress! Kai of course wanted his too... and Levi chimed in me too, I want my hug and kiss. :)  I really shouldn't complain, because I am a very blessed woman.

Still a work in progress,

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  1. Hang in there, Sherry! Yes, the days can grow wearisome, but you are doing great. One day at a time, one meal at a time, or even one latte at a time. :) Wonderful that you are getting hugs and kisses from the boys. Praying for you all.