Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 months and counting

Today is 5 months since China pre-approved us to adopt Eli... And that also means we only have one month left until our deadline to submit our Dossier to China! Eek!

So what have we been doing???

Well, last week our family was gone to Houston, TX for our annual vacation to the Boston Terrier Club of America National Specialty Dog Show. We look forward to this every year. And every year it moves around to different parts of the country. This year we were fotunate it was so close...

And while in Houston we managed to go to the Chinese Consulate and get 8 documents for our Dossier authenticated. We got there at 8:30 am Monday and there was a long line... But when the doors opened at 9am, we moved along pretty quickly and were done dropping off docs by 10am. Then Steve went back Friday and picked up our authenticated documents. Yay!

and during the week we also managed to fundraise, fundraise, fundraise...

Many fellow Boston Terrier exhibitors were supportive and some very generous. Below I will TRY to abreviate our week of blessings & fundraisers towards bringing Eli home.

The biggest and most wonderful thing of the week would have to be the painting! "Love Brings Eli Home". Adrienne Hullender donated her heart, time, supplies and talent to help create a beautiful work of art, which our children Zoe and Levi actually painted. Adrienne came up with the idea and sketched the design. And when it was all done, it was auctioned off fri night for $200 to Yuko Shinoda of Japan. :)  Thank you Adrienne & Yuko!!!

We were also blessed by another surprise from Adrienne, in that she gave a beautiful necklace she won earlier in the week to be auctioned off at the Awards Banquet Fri night and donated half of the proceeds to Boston Rescue and half to help bring Eli home... the necklace sold to Pamela Preston for $400! So that was another $200 towards helping bring Eli home!!! Thank you Adrienne & Pamela!

Two fellow Junior Handlers also painted and donated a painting of their own which raised $6. (Don't think the boston community was ready for their beautiful artwork of a boston in a tank. Although it was cute!) Thank you for your hearts John & Conrad Kurts, with Adrienne's help.  :)

In addition to those monies raised, we also held a couple Give Aways of our own. Thanks to Mollie Smith who donated a Boston Cool Coat, which Pamela Preston won, and Vicki Wilt who donated a necklace, which Merrilee Burgess won, along with another necklace I had, which Kathleen Brewer won, we rasied $84. Thank you to everyone to made donations and helped us drawn winning tickets.

Of course we mentioned the beautiful hand painted purse donated by Vicki Wilt already, which raised $205 and our Give Away winner was Kathy Hullstein. Thanks again Vicki & everyone to participated!!! The purse is gorgeous and the $205 much appreciated!

We also had the privelege of selling Boston Cool Coats for Mollie Smith who hand made them and donated 20% of all sales towards bringing Eli home. We sold 6 coats in Houston and therefore raised another $50. Woohoo!

Our local chinese restaurant Summer Palace donated fortune cookies, which we filled a jar with and gave away during the week next to our change jar, which managed to bring in $30.08. Hooray!

And so all combined fundraising efforts, plus $130 in random donations by generous people, brought in a total of $905.08 during our week in Houston at the BTCA Nationals. Thank you Ellie Bennett for giving us space on your vendor booth table to advocate & fundraise! And thank you everyone to supported us in any way!!! We really appreciate it!

Praise God!!!! Woohoo!!! That is almost 1/4 of what we need to send our agency to submit our Dossier to China. We still have a few other expenses to get the Dossier authenticated too. But we are getting there. Slowly, but surely. God is providing all that we need to bring Eli home. And we pray that the Lord bless all those that have given and blessed our efforts tenfold. Thank you all!!!

Sherry and family

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