Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

pieces while we wait

After calling USCIS today because the mail lady still didn't deliver a Biometrics appointment notice for our fingerprinting to be done, I discovered that our case has not yet been assigned to an officer...


Ok Lord, trusting you here!

But after being put on hold, the nice voice on the phone did give me some good news, in that she informed me that our Biometrics appointment has been set... for Tues May 29th. The notice was sent on Monday.

Monday, really? We live in TEXAS, why didn't it arrive today???


I sigh because tomorrow both hubby and 18 yr son are off work, and we could drive up to Dallas and WALK-IN... if we only had that piece of paper stating we indeed had an appointment... (sniff, sniff)

So we wait for the appointment notice to arrive in the mail. Then I guess we figure out when we can find a morning to all drive up to Dallas, between multiple work & school schedules... Lord help us!

So I turned my attention to our next BIG hurdle... money.

Besides the final 2 certification fees, 5 authentication fees and coordinating courier fees needed soon; we currently owe our adoption agency $3,000 (due upon home study approval) and we will owe another $1,000 due with submission of Dossier to China.

Praise the Lord for the $905.08 we rasied last week!

But that still leaves more than $3,000 to be paid before we can send our official paperwork to China for us to adopt Eli.

Thus our newest Fundraiser...

"The Pieces that bring Eli home" 

Will you be one of the PIECES that bring Eli home?

For just $5 per piece you can have your name written on the back of a piece.

or someone else's name  :)

This 1,000 piece puzzle of China Town will be constructed once all the PIECES are sponsored,
then glued together and placed in a double frame
so Eli can see all the people that helped bring him home.

Lindsey Hayle was the first supporter. Thanks!

You can use our Chip-In button, Paypal, mail a check, give us cash, whatever works for you...

*Please remember Paypal, which includes Chip-In, deducts a small fee from each donation.

We would love to write your name on one of these 1,000 puzzle pieces and tell Eli how you helped bring him home to his forever family.

We are running against a deadline here... China asked our paperwork be to them by June 15th.

That's just 29 days away. Can we do it?

Can we get sponsors for all 1,000 pieces in 29 days?

If we can at least get 600 pieces with names, we'll have the $3,000 we need to submit our Dossier.

Please consider helping us and being a part of this miracle to bring Eli home.

And we already have folks who have volunteered to help us construct the puzzle. Fun!

Thank you so much for all that have already given and supported us both financially and in prayer. We certainly still need prayers... they are priceless. :)

Sherry & family

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