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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mystery over...

Well according to China anyway.... lol

Today is two weeks since we received the phone call that we got LOA for Eli.

And well the reason you have not gotten another blog update since then, is because we were on hold just waiting because the DOB on the LOA did not match any of the records for Eli we or our agency had. So we have not be able to move forward with his adoption...

Our agency notified the adoption afairs office in China to report the error, only to be told it was not an error. So we had to wait for China to investigate and send proper records with the correct DOB (or at least DOB that matches the LOA) before we could move on with the adoption paperwork.

We were hoping they would discover the mistake and send a new LOA with the DOB that matches all the records we have. But instead they sent all new records...

Yep, we got the email from our agency yesterday that the DOB on our LOA is correct and they now have records to match.

So what does all this mean?

It means China just made Eli a year older...

on paper that is.

We have all the records to show he is 10 yrs old. So our current plan is to just go along with it, so we can get to China and bring our boys home. Then we will work on correcting it before we get his US birth certificate.

The other good thing is we recieved three new pics of Eli with the news. Yay! We love new pics!

Passport photo
most likely taken early this year cuz we bought him that jacket for CNY

We believe this was taken this summer.

Heard word that he went to camp with orphanage.
So now you are probably wondering what what's next...

Well we need to submit our I-800 to USCIS (immigration) requesting permission for Eli to enter the US and become a citizen. But we are waiting on paperwork from our agency to be able to do this.

Previously our agency wanted to wait for Kai's LOA to come and thus send both boys' I-800s at the same time. Which sounds like a great plan to help time their adoptions in China together. But because time is ticking away. We are now at present hoping to submit both I-800s to USCIS, and then email Kai's LOA when it comes. Just so we can get the paperwork moving. Waiting for agency response.

Please continue to keep our boys in your prayers.

Kai has been sad lately we are told, because several children from Shepherd's Field have been adopted lately. Which is wonderful for those children and their families. But hard for our boy, who still does not know he has a family working to bring him home. And more friends are leaving soon.

end of summer fun
that's Eric helping...

making memories

his hand print


Lil' buds Henry & Eric are leaving soon

his big buddy Aaron just left too
super cool in sunglasses
I'm told he only wears the shirts we sent

We want to thank God for all He has done to call us, and provide for the calling to adopt these two boys into our hearts (already done), our family (kids already call them brothers) and into our home (as soon as we can get there).  :)  To God be ALL the glory! We feel privileged to be called.
Our biggest prayer request ow is we need LOA for Kai... like NOW!
Next on the prayer list: we are still fundraising. We have enough between savings and fundraising to cover Eli's orphanage donation fee. We're praying to get Kai's waived. We also have enough to pay for both boys' Visas and pay for fee to file Kai's I-800. We are literally saving every penny we can to brign our boys home. But we still need to fundraise.
We have a new Chip-In (on right side of blog) to try and raise the "In Country Legal fees" which we're told are approx $1,300 per child, for a total of $2,600 for both boys. We have the puzzle started, but it still has LOTS of pieces NOT sponsored. So please make a donation to the Chip In and get your name on the back of our puzzle pieces for Eli & Kai to see all the folks that help bring them home. Asking $5 donation to sponsor each pice.
We still need $380 donated to our Brittany's Hope Grant to get the $2,000 grant towards travel. If you're intereested in helping with that please follow link on right side of blog. All donations are Tax Deductible.
We also have the Reece's Rainbow Sponsors page, that is also Tax Deductible and the I Care account if you wish to mail a check. See info for both on right side of blog.
Next prayer request is that we would be blessed to receive a Show Hope grant, which we applied for in June and Show Hope will be making a decision at the end of this month.
Now we also have Adoption Bug & Show Hope T-Shirts availabel, follow link on right side; and Just Love Coffee link too.
We're also working on 3 fundraisers, more info to come soon. But we will have a beautiful necklace for sale; a new 2013 Adoption Success Stories Calendar; and on Sat Oct 20th will be Two Less Joy Fest, a Benefit to bring Kai & Eli home at our church, with night of christian music & entertainment.
So as hard as it is for me to sit, God is moving. Now I just need to see some paperwork moving too.
Thank you all again for your prayers. We could not do this without them.
Humbly yours,

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