Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Friday, August 24, 2012


That's right after just 41 days since LID on 7/11

WE got Letter of Seeking Confirmation (aka LOA) for Eli!!! YES!!!

Introducing our son: Eli Joshua Patton!

God is so totally AMAZING!

The LOA picture above we took so that we would have an awesome announcement picture when we got LOA (lol). See we planned and took that picture on 8/21 on the beach in Galveston, TX.

But we did not know at that time, that we in fact had LOA... dated 8/21. Wow!

And why were we in galveston, TX you ask...

Well because we went to get the addendum docs for Kai (aka Joseph)'s adoption certified by the Secretary of State in Austin, TX on Mon 8/20.

We stopped for coffee and a meet & visit with Tim & Pam Baker of Sheherd's Field. What a blessed visit we had. Thanks Tim & Pam!

Then we drove onto Houston, TX in order to deliver the docs to the Chinese Consulate on Tues 8/21 to be authenticated. We *RUSHED* them next day, so we could picked them up Wed 8/22.

Which gave us a FREE day with Zoe & Levi in the Houston area. And well Levi had never seen a real ocean. So off to the beach we went. On the way down to Galveston we thought of the idea for the LOA pic. We stopped at Walmart and bought a couple pairs of Flip Flops, a ball and ta-dah!

We had an absolutely wonderful time at the beach. We played in the ocean, built sand castles and just had fun together as a family. Unfortunately, Cory & Drew are grown up and work now. So they stayed back to take care of the house and dogs. But they were there in spirit...

And so were Kai & Eli

Steve drew directions to them and so Zoe & Levi headed to go get them.

If only it were that simple right...

But instead we have LOTS of paperwork. In fact here is a snapshot of our LOA for Eli.

Which has to go back to China because there is an error concerning his DOB.
But not to worry God is using that mistake to help speed up Kai's paperwork and hopefully get his LOA really quickly. Our case manager is calling it:
Divine intervention
a term for a miracle perceived to be caused by God's active involvement in the human world
BTW, that is the current major prayer request: Kai's LOA to come super fast... like 2 wks or less :)
And please pray also that we get the funds we need to cover the upcoming expenses.
We need to finish raising Eli's orphanage donation fee and his child's Visa fee. The total is $5,900 but I need to see how far along we are toward that goal and post an update. Our goal was $3,000 by Sept 2nd, cuz I thought that would be before LOA. haha! God is so AMAZING like that!
Now we are also praying to get a waiver for Kai's orphanage donation fee. That would be another miracle that I believe God can do in Jesus name, Amen!
We do need Kai's I-800 fee of $720, that is due next. But we received another $240 (Thank you!) thru our Chip in for Kai towards his USCIS fees bringing our total to $272 of $720... So we only need $448 for that. Thank you Lord!
And we have a couple more big praise reports!!!
Also, I spoke with Brittany's Hope today and we have received $620 in donations to date towards Eli's matching seedling grant. Woohoo! Only $380 to go to make our goal of $1,000 and they will match it and send our agency $2,000 towards our adoption after we get TA. Donations are tax deductible too. So check it out:
Next we received a a large donation in the amount of $5,000 thru our I Care adoption account. Praise you Jesus! Please bless the giver Father! Thank you Lord! I Care is another way to help if you'd like to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donation, you can mail a check to:

I Care
P.O. Box 1603Bel Air,
Maryland 21014
We are praying blessing tenfold for all those that have prayed, supported & helped us. Hallelujah!
I'm saying good night for now, I will try to update more tomorrow when we know more./


  1. Oh wow! We're sending praise and thanks to the Lord for all of this and are so excited for your entire family. Joseph (Kai) has been on our hearts for a while and we were thrilled to hear that he had a family step forward for him. While we can't publicly announce specifics yet (but hope to soon), we are also working towards the adoption of a little boy on Reece's Rainbow and are hoping to actually bring home two children if the finances can be worked out. Following along on your journey for the past couple of weeks has been a joy and know that, while we don't know your family in "real" life, we are praying for all of you big time. (-: Our blog is new and we don't have too may readers yet, but I would love to provide a way for those who stumble across our site a way to read about your journey and contribute if they feel led to do so. Would that be okay?

    Thanks again for allowing us to share in your journey.

    Many blessings,

  2. I would really like to help you get closer to your adoption. I have a soft spot in my heart for Downs Syndrome kids and special needs kids. I am a Tupperware consultant and Tupperware has a very generous Fundraising program. I have recently hosted 2 of these Fundraisers for other families adopting and they have done well. I would love to host one for your family and help you get closer to what you need for your adoption.

    Fundraisers Receive:

    40% of the online sales totals. Tupperware will issue you one check within 2 weeks after the fundraiser closes.

    Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to see if I can answer them. If you would like to set up an adoption fundraiser, just email me and let's see how much we can raise for y'all!! I'll be happy to put you in touch with the other 2 families I've worked with and answer any questions you might have.

    Susan Godfrey