Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Thursday, October 4, 2012


This is a Patton blog, it had to reference super heros at some point.
We have been cabled...

 and computers of course too, right? ;)
Yep, got out pdf letter from National Visa Center today
We received our I-800 approval on 9/26 and are now passed the US side of the steps.
Next step: our adoption agency sends all our paperwork to Guangzhou, China by Fri, delivered Mon; their contact drops off our Article 5 at the US Embassy, earliest will be Tues.
Then we wait exactly 2 wks (only part of the process that we KNOW the wait), after which  
time it gets picked up and sent onto Beijing to the adoption affairs office.
Then we WAIT for the last approval... travel approval called: TA
Once we we have TA, we schedule our consulate apppointment (last stop in China)
and book plane tickets.
Keep praying folks... we need more favor and more money. But our God is able!
Little news on the boys...

We sent gifts to Joseph (Kai) with a family adopting one of his little friends... Henry.

Here is what Henry's mom posted on their blog after giving the gifts to him -

"...we gave Joseph the gifts we brought from his family and although he loved the clothes he kept having me read the card that came with it that said he was loved and that he should keep up hope. I told him his family loved him very much and would be there soon and he tucked the card safely inside the sweatshirt and smiled"
Gretchen told me -
"Joseph is going to be so happy to see you. He had me read your note over and over :) then tucked it safely away"
  *I wrote wording for the note before he was told he had a family and we were it...
 But he knows now! :)
 More super hero stuff...
Thank you Gretchen & Hill family for the pics!
Joseph with his friends Henry & Elizabeth
  I was told by SFCV staff member -
I saw him... He was wearing the sweater-shirt you got for him, he was pretty proud and told me "my mama got me this!”
Look at him being a good big brother... We are so blessed to call him son!

And last but certainly NOT least... Eli

Today marks 11 months since we first saw his cute face and his adorable self on that advocate video. (see his youtube video on left side of blog)

Now he is in Grade 1 and hard at work on his math homework.

He is also learning to write his ABC's in... English!

Wow! Pretty good for just being introduced to the American alphabet. I can not wait to get this boy home and see how smart he is!
Look how proud he is... We are blessed to call this boy son too!
 Won't be long now boys...
We are BELIEVING we will be in China
NEXT month...
Wow, just typing that feels soooo good.
Again, Thank you everyone! We can not say it enough...
Thank you for the prayers, the support and the help, the pics and the encouragement.
We still have LOTS of money to raise. We are waiting to hear back from Show Hope about if we are blessed with a grant from them. In the meantime, we still have lots of fundraisers going on.
In His Joy,

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  1. Loved the picture you sent us. We are SO happy that you are going soon to bring home those wonderful new sons! Will continue to lift you all in prayer.

    Can hardly wait to see Joseph with his forever family!

    janet and gang