Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Friday, August 10, 2012

Even in the little things

God is so totally involved in this adoption.

Even in the little things...

Last Wednesday 8/1 my friend Lindsey (Hi again) took me to the store called Mardels, which I mentioned in my last post. But what I failed to mention was finding the neatest student desk name plates. They were colorful, with alphabet, numbers, shapes, right & left hand; meant for lower elementary, but perfect for english learners.

Ooohhhh, how I wanted to buy them. But they only came in a big pkg of like 36 & not cheap enough for this frugal momma. So I decided to wait & try to maybe do it myself or something...

Well I am thrilled to tell you that Wed night at church I received TWO of these very same name badges...

And they're even already laminated!

My friend Lindsey is a public school teacher & friends with another teacher. They found them in used school materials & brought them to me.

It may seem "small", but to me, this was like God's shining down on us.
And it helped motivate me to prepare our homeschool classroom for the coming school term. Zoe, Levi & Zoe worked in there all day. Steve helped move furniture in the afernoon and we made a lot of progress, and...

Room for two more desks (which are also now on their way).   :)

Don't forget our LAPTOP GIVE AWAY to help bring Kai home... Get your donations in & we'll draw the name of the lucky contributor on Sunday Aug 12th at 9pm cst.

And Eli's puzzle fundraiser, which still has lots of pieces that need sponsors to help cover his orphanage donation fee.

Love when God shows up, and he shows out.

Basking in an accomplished day...

Please keep Kai lifted in prayers. I was told tonight that he has had a rough day of sadness over his friend being adopted last week.

Remember Kai Joseph still doesn't know we're matched to be his family.

Prayerfully & gratefully,


  1. I love it when God shows up in the details,too. Sweet post about the name tags.

    Praying for Kai and his difficult time after his good friend Philip left. Did I see that Melissa also left? Tough time for him.

    Soon, though, he will be smiling again when you can bring him home!! :)

    janet, kevin, and gang

  2. Hi-Found your blog through RR. Adoption has been on my heart since I was a little girl. (My older brother was adopted.) Asia would be our first choice so I just love helping other adopting families whenever we can. Donated to the chip-in. Also adding your boys to our Homeschool World Prayer map. Have a joyful weekend!
    In Him, Angie R. (WI)