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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Good News Continues

I was making coffee early this morning before hubby went to work, when he comes into the kitchen and excitedly asks:

"Did you see the email?!?!"

I was like

Um, no... what email?

This email:

Good morning.
I approved your Supplement 3 this morning and placed it in the outgoing mail. You should receive it soon.
USCIS Officer X X


Kai we are working on it boy, we are working on it!

So based on how long it took for our I-797 to arrive before, we expect it to come Friday.

So Monday we plan to travel to get it, our home study update & the Dear CCCWA letter certified by the Secretary of the State.

Then Tuesday we plan to drop them off to be authenticated by the Chinese Consulate. We will pay the extra $fee to rush it and pick them back up Wednesday am.

Then we will be racing to send them to our agency.

So they can send them to China & we can then wait for LOA for Kai.


We are on DAY 36 of waiting for Eli's LOA.

Getting closer Eli, we are getting closer buddy!

That's the continued Good News.

Now back to your regularly scheduled lives,

Cuz we sure can't get back to ours until we get our boys HOME

Till next time,

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  1. Yay!!!! That's HUGE!!!!! Hopefully Kai's will catch up to Eli's and you'll have them both in no time!! We need to talk! Kai has ToF right? Does he have pulmonary atresia too?