Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

good news

So my wonderful hubby was off work today. :)


We both had projects planned to accomplish,

but AFTER biscuits and gravy. :)


It is wonderful that my hubby likes to make biscuits and gravy.

So... we had a slow morning, brunch, and each began working on different projects.

Noon passes and hubby come upstairs to where I am to bring me an envelope...

an important looking envelope...

with return address Department of Homeland Security...



I begin yelling and praising God and getting happy and excited.

Only to open it and find a receipt for our $360 check for our Supp 3 application


right across the top...

So NOT the approval

But our "application has been forwarded to the Hague Adoption Unit..."


"Please allow 10-14 business days, to accomodate shipping and processing, for your application to reach the Hague Adoption Unit."

So all my excited behavior for not.

Except that we are in process and that is better than lost of hiccups.

In fact, we mailed our adoption agency the signed docs and agreements they required to add second child

along with the $3,200 check.

Praise God for His provision!

All of that money & the $360 to USCIS was riased since we locked Kai Joseph's file Thur 7/26.

We are so honored & privleged to be a part of this wonderful miracle

and to give Kai (aka Joseph) a home and a family. :)

But we are definately NOT done yet...

Remember we are still doing the LAPTOP GIVE AWAY

Donate $5 to get yoru name in the drawing or $20 and we'll add your name 5 x's.

Drawing Sunday 8/12/12 9pm CST

We are trying to raise the last $700 needed to cover Kai's CCCWA fees as soon as the new I-797 approval from USCIS shows up

for real... lol

And please DON'T FORGET about Eli!

We are still trying to raise his Orphanage Donation fee for when we get LOA...

$3,000 in 30 Days has not even received one Chip In donation.

In fact, even Kai's Chip In hasn't budged in days.

Kinda discouraged...

a little bit... but trusting God!

Both these boys are our sons

God called us to adopt both of them...

together & at the same time.

They are now brothers

And we can't wait to bring them both home.

Here is a pic we received recently of Eli (left) eating noodles with a foster brother

And here is an OLD picture of Kai (right) eating noodle with a foster brother

I better get to learning how to cook chinese noodles for these two brothers!

Kai is gonna be such a good big brother to Eli

I just know it!

Please keep praying for Kai and his heart, emotionally & physically.

Thank you all & prasie to God, to HIM be the glory and the honor forever!


Sherry & family

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  1. ooooo you are getting closer!!! SO happy for you!!