Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Friday, August 3, 2012

Financial Update

I would like to start off by praising God for HIS bountiful blessings...

He has totally AMAZED us in one week's time.

And all of you, our's, Kai & Eli's supportors, we want to say a BIG hearty

because you have given so generosly, we ahve been able to raise raised $3,490.25 to date (11:50pm TX time Aug 2, 2012) to bring Kai home, just in one week!


I am so humbled by all your comments, emails, & mesages.

Now, so what do we still need, you ask?

Well, after reading financial agreements, emails, phone calls and more emails, we have finally figured out at least the initial amount of fees we need for Kai Joseph's adoption due Monday.

It has been explained to me that our boys' adoptions, though happening concurrently, are actually two totally seperate adoptions, and we do have to pay several fees twice.

But God is our provider and HE knew that before HE called us to bring Kai & Eli home...

So we start with the $360 Supp 3 fee, that due to your giving hearts, we sent to USCIS on Tues.


Next we have the adoption agency fees due to be sent on Monday.

We had thought that was going to just be $2,500 for the agency fee (half for a second child).

Then we were told about our adoption agency's application fee of $700. So that changed our goal to $3,200 by Monday.

But it seems we actually owe $3,000 for the agency fee, because it has increased since we filled out Eli's adoption paperwork.

However, we have been told a request for scholarship for some of those fees, to try to offset the bigger amount, was sent on our behalf. But it could be several weeks before we have an answer. So for now, we have been instructed by our agency to go ahead and send the $3,200 we anticipated on Monday.

We do actually owe $3,700 now I guess, but we shall see what God has in store...

Now, as I mentioned we have raised $3,490.25 - $360 (USCIS fee) paid Tues = $3,130.25
available to go towards the adoption agency fees.

That means we are only approx $70 from our goal of $3,560, but actually a little more due to paypal fees of 2.9% plus 0.30 cents per donation. Sorry, I did not do that math this late at night. lol


I think it's safe to say we can now begin to fundraise for the next step... (Yay!)
Which I also found out more about today.

We will wait for I-797 from USCIS approving us for two children. Then we will take it: our Home Study Update and a formal letter to CCCWA from us; to be certified by the Secretary of the State & also authenticated by Chinese Consulate.... Which yes means yet another trip to Houston. Now I know why last year we moved to a town on the I-45. We are in a triangle between Houston, Dallas & Austin, which makes us 1-3 hours from any of the above.

Inccidentally, we are headed to Houston again tomorrow to pick up our travel Visa's & passports. :-)

Anyway, fees for this step is not major. Besides gas to get there we will pay $30 to SOS & $60 for Chinese Consulate to certify & authenticate the docs. Only $90 + gas for our Dossier addedum docs. Thank you Lord!

After that step is done we send all of that to our agency and that is when the next fees are due, which I believe are $1,200.

And if I wasn't so tired & falling asleep I might just keep writing all night to give you all the scoop. But remember I am going to Houston tomorrow and it's been a tiring week, but a BLESSED one.

Please keep Kai & Eli in your prayers, as I know you will.

Don't forget Kai's Laptop Give Away drawing 8/12/12, just make a $5 donation.

And Eli's Video Camera Give Away Drawing is Sunday, there is still time to make a donation and get your name in the drawing. We are still working on raising Eli's Orphanage Donation Fee.

Ok, I need sleep now... Sigh

May the Lord bless you all tenfold!


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