Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Thursday, August 2, 2012

We got PA for Kai Joseph!!!


Praise the Lord!

That's right at 10:45pm on 8/1/12 we received an email from our agency fwd the following:

August 01,2012
The application of Steven Patton and Sherry Patton for adoption of **Kai Joseph** from **Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village** that you submitted was received. It is hereby advised that with a review of the Rehabilitation and Nurture Plan for the Child made by the family, the Ch1na Centre of Adoption Affairs agrees to move this application file into the procedure for adoption of special-need children.
Ch1na Centre of Adoption Affairs

God has AMAZING putting all this together...

God check out to read story about Kai's US & TX flag pin

And I am kicking myself now for not blogging last night or earlier this eve, because yesterday Steve & I had a full day of productive accomplishments towards both boys' adoptions.

We started the day by driving 3 hours to Houston to the Chinese Consulate to apply for our China Travel Visas for Steve, myself, Zoe & Levi to travel to bring the Eli & Kai home.

Successfully got in & out in 20 min, no joke!

And our Visas will be ready for pick-up on Fri.


Next stop was the Houston Central Post Office to mail a care pkg to Kai.

Even though he doesn't know about us yet, we wanted to send some gifts to cheer him up & keep him busy ince his buddy Philip left with his family last weekend.

Art supplies & Lego Ninjagu t-shirts

All within his interest genre

Backpack for the trip home :)
After successfully shipping the pkg, Steve & I had lunch on our way headed back home.

Realizing we still had time, we raced back 3 hours to the house to then photo copy and gather all the Supp 3 docs to send to USCIS to add a second child to our adoption.

We understand some may think it was a risk sending that $360 check to Homeland Security yesterday without PA in our hands, but it was not a risk to us...

We BELIEVE God called us to be Kai Joseph's family!

And therefore, we acted in FAITH because we trust God to be FAITHFUL.

And we are so thrilled to officially have PA & call both him & Eli our sons.

Now to bring them home...

Praise God, we are half way to making our goal of raising $4,000 for Kai by PA.

But then PA did come in just 4 days!

And we are only $500 short of our original goal of $2,500.


Since last Thurs announcement of us adopting Kai, we have received $2,050 towards his adoption.

We just sent $360 to USCI.

Which means we need $810 ASAP to pay our agency fee of "half for a second child".

And we may be needing $1,200 for CCCWA soon too. Will double check that tomorrow.

So we are asking if you are at all able to donate please do.

We will be giving away a laptop to say thank you to one lucky contributor. A $5 donation gets yoru name in teh drawing and $20 gets your name in 5 times.

If you can PRAY... even better! Please pray!

Also, please don't forget about Eli...

We are still fundraising for his Orphanage Donation fee of $5,600 and I'm happy to report we have close to half of it. Praise God!
We have a brand new Mini Video Camera that we would like to give it away this Sun as a thank you for donations to help bring Eli home. A $5 donation gets yoru name in teh drawing and $20 gets your name in 5 times. See pic and Chip In on right.
We also have the puzzle fundraiser too. Sponsor a puzzle piece and get your name on the back. Only $5 per piece to sponsor. This is a fundrasier for Eli's Orphanage Donation fee.

Well it has been an eventful 24-48 hours...

Who am I kidding it has been an eventful 2 weeks +

And for anyone who is wondering... Levi & Zoe are doing well with all the hussel & bussel over their new brothers. In fact I think Levi is enjoying mom being busy cuz he's concurred the new Lego Batman game he and Dad bought last month and he's enjoying a lot of pizza lately.

And Zoe, well we celebrated her 15th Birthday in July.

Can't believe how grown up my only girl is...

She had a Batman party.

Yep, you read that correct.

Zoe is in love with Batman, and now has 5 brothers... what do you expect?

Actually, speaking of that, she is working on her own blog: One of Six

More info on that to come very soon...

Well, it has been an eventful couple of weeks & can NOT wait to see what else God has in store.

We are all so excited!

In fact, when we got the email about PA

I yelled "We got PA!"

Steve said "Really?!"

I said yes, and ran to tell the kids...

Meanwhile he posted to facebook before I could get back. lol

So yes, just a little happy here about both our boys coming home.

This was our counting board today.

Well, this is one tired momma who needs some sleep.

Please continue to pray for both Kai & Eli, and for the process and the finances. We believe God will provide and we pray that he bless each & every person who gives tenfold.

Thanks again everyone!!!



  1. Wow this is great news. I've been following Joseph for such a long time now. I'll be going to Shepherd's Field on August 16. I live in Austin, what about your family? Are you close to Austin? Can I bring anything for you on the 16th? I could cry, I'm so happy!

    1. Yes, that would be woderful. As soon as our I-797 comes from USCIS, we will be headed to the SOS in Austin. So please email me privately at Cuz I can't seem to figure out how to contact you... lol (still learning this blogging stuff)