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Saturday, August 11, 2012


The Lord has blessed us to meet our Chip-In Goal for Kai!!!

I am so over-joyed!!!

I opened Kai's Chip-In to put names on tickets because our drawing for the Laptop is tomorrow. And was so surpirsed to see that in addition to all the great donations we'd received from so many supportors, we were also blessed by a sweet fellow adoptive family in our homeschool group this morning who gave $585 to meet our goal.




God is so AMAZING!

So I have a heart full of praise,

And one more prayer request...

Before we draw for the Laptop tomorrow.

While reconciling the Paypal account I realized I didn't account for the cost of the Laptop ($227.31) or the Paypal fees (currently up to $153.63). This makes us $380.94 short of actually having the $1200 to pay the CCCWA fees.

So my prayer request is that before we draw to GIVE AWAY the LAPTOP tomorrow at 9:00 pm CST, to one of YOU wonderful contributors, that we receive another $400 in DONATIONS to make up for the additional expenses.

So that is the reason for the bump up in the goal amount from $4760 to $5160.

The reason for this urgency is my other prayer request...

I spoke with our USCIS officer yesterday (Friday 8/10). He said that our Supp 3 made it to the NBC building and he expects it to hit his desk Monday. He said he will work on it ASAP. Last time he told me this on a Friday, he approved us Monday and we had it in our hands on Wed.

So I'm praying for the same thing this time... I pray he approves our Supp 3 request on Mon 8/13 and we have the Approval notice in our hands by Wed noon. So we can drive the 3 hours to the SOS in Austin, TX to get our 3 Dossier addendum documents before they close at 5pm. Meet up with a sweet lady flying to China to visit Shepherd's Field Thur (to give her a care pkg she's taking to Kai for us). Then drive 3 hours to Houston, TX to spend the night and be at the Chinese Consulate before 11am Thur to drop off our 3 docs to be rushed authenticated, spend the night in Houston again and pick up Fri am to race home for Steve to work at 4pm and overnight our Dossier addendum docs to our agency, so they can be sent to China. Woohoo! Because that is what the $1200 CCCWA fees are for...

I BELIEVE God can do this

He will make up for my miscalculation financially

He will move our paperwork at USCIS and in the mail

And will use HIS loving and caring people, so they too may be blessed...

Sherry & family

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