Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Free Monday in Xian 11-26-12

Monday was another free day for us here in Xian.

Of course we started out with breakfast in the hotel. The buffet is HUGE and we get to ride the elevator which the boys love. Kai has been wanting to wear his PATTON shirt, which was made and sent to me by my facebook DTC Spring/Summer Secret Pal. I think he likes it because it says Patton and he knows he is a Patton now. I wanted them to match, so I had Eli wear his too. The note from my Secret Pall said the 02 is for two less orphans, two more Pattons and two more children of God. I like that!

After breakfast our guide met us and we went to visit Eli's finding place.

Eli was found as an infant sick with pneumonia abandoned at the Xian Children's Hospital. This is the best hospital for kids in Xian. So obviously his birth mother and father loved him very much. The hospital is next to the west entrance of the Xian City Wall. Our guide said it is possible his birth parents were not from Xian, but traveled here to the hospital. Parents stand in line with their children all day to try to get medical care for them here. We will never know the situation that led Eli's birth parents to leave him. I just can not imagine the feeling of having to leave your child...

It was very crowded today when we arrived... cars and people everywhere. Because we do not know where at or in the hospital Eli was found, and because of the crowds and not wanting to expose the children to any illnesses (especially Kai), we decided not to go inside. Just posed by this plaque that says Xian Children's Hospital and some dates it was founded.

Next we headed to the nearby children's park. Along the way I noticed a children's shop with shoes in the window. Kai had just gotten to go shoe shopping a week or so before we came, so he has new shoes. But Eli's shoes were old, smelly and too small I think. I had been saying I wanted to find him some new shoes.  So we stopped and went in the cute little shop. It was very small and had a little selection, but Eli spotted a pair right away. The guide asked how much and the store clerk told her 100 CNY, but that was the only pair like that they had. So Eli sat down, we tried them on and they were a perfect fit. He smiled so big! So we bought the shoes for a little over $15, and were in and out in a few short minutes, which made Steve very happy because he hates shoe shopping and was not feeling well yesterday. Oh, and we even bought Kai some Ultrman stickers he found while we were in the shop. It's so hard to have three boys here, becuase when you buy one something the others want something too. (lol) But that is part of parenting and family life with kids.

Onto the children's park, where we found carnival type rides for the kids to experience for their first time. Both Kai & Eli asked to ride and their eyes were so big and they were so anxious waiting for their turn in line. Levi joined them on the little boat ride, and Zoe joined her three brothers on the carousel. Our cameras did not capture all the smiles. They had such a great time!

The park was beautiful, with gazebo, pond, shapped bushes in animals. We saw a peacock shapped bush, which was unique. It also had these rocks and caves to climb and walk thru like a maze.

At the end of the walk around the park the boys spotted a statue of a boy and wanted a photo op. (lol) And Steve wanted a family pic, so our guide took one for us.

After that we hailed two taxi's and went back to the hotel to rest for the afternoon.

Kobe met us in the eve for dinner and more shopping in the muslim market. We barginned and barginned...

We bought chopsticks, because Kai eats everything with chopsticks. Eli eats with a fork if there is one. (lol) The lady started at 320 CNY, we all laughed. I must look like a rich american Kobe said. Haha! I ended up offering her 40 CNY, which Kobe said was too much. But is about $7 for 4 sets of 4 or 5 pairs of nice wooden chopsticks.

We also got all three boys chinese outfits to wear for celebrating the chinese holidays & festivals. I, with help from Kobe and Eli (that was funny) barginned for Eli's down to 65 CNY, about $10 for very nice outfit. Then we went back to get a matching outfit for Levi, while Kai & Steve barginned for a nice shirt for Kai. Haha! Steve said Kai did all the barginning. He had been watching us. (lol) He got a very nice double layed shirt for 100 CNY (about $15), only problem is he did not get pants with it. Haha! I told him when we got back to the hotel it was ok. They all tried them on when we got back last night and seemed very pleased with themselves.

We enjoyed some family time with a game of Uno again. That has become a nightly favorite. Kai is very competitive and we discovered he likes ot cheat... He will look at your cards & laugh. (lol) Eli likes playing Uno because he can match the colors, and he is learning to say the english color names.

Last night we saw a new side of Eli. We brought him a stuffed monkey with velcro feet and hands that were wrapped around a fleece blanket. We got it for him last Christmas and have held onto it during the adoption. So we brought it and gave it to him on Gotcha Day. He LOVES it. We called it "Monkey" and he repeated it's name perfectly. So he calls it Monkey and he sleeps with it and kisses it and plays with it. Well last night Zoe was playing with him with Monkey, kissing it and he was laughing and got wound up laughing so hard. Levi would throw Monkey off the bed and Eli would jump to get it and laugh and laugh. Zoe took a ton of pics, which Eli loves to do, of her and him and Monkey.  Kai got in on the fun and tried to steal Monkey and Eli tried to save Monkey laughing. Kai also punches Monkey and Levi's panda bear he got here. So we obviously need to find Kai his own stuffed lovey thing I think. Kai acts like it's funny and laughs. But I think he needs his own. He didn't want one when Levi got the panda, but that was before Eli & the Monkey. So next item to purchase, a stuffed animal for Kai to love. :) Oh, and sorry I do not have any pics to share because they are on Zoe's iphone, which she can not upload here because we have no wifi. It was so funny and cute, but it was at bedtime, so we worried he wouldn't go to sleep now. (lol) But we played another round of Uno, brushed teeth, and then kissed and hugged everyone before bedtime and all was good. Eli gave Steve (Baba) a hug and kiss on the cheek. I got a hug. Which I totally took! He seems happy and whenever the guide or Kobe asks him, he says he is good and happy. So we are patient... He is loosing the only family he has every known, and a very loving foster mom. So I understand. Kai called us mom and dad right away, but his situation is so totally different; and he waited so long for a mom and dad of his own. He is just so happy and comfortable with us.

All in all we are doing very good. Steve, I, Zoe & Levi are just getting tired of China. And we are only half way thru this trip. Xian is very nice and we like it better than Zhengzhou. But it's just not home. The kids have a hard time eatign here, which I knew would happen. So frustratign for a mom to see yoru kids NOT eat. Sigh! And living out of suitcases and not being able to do laundry is hard. I spent hours yesterday afternoon handwashing all the boys and my underwear & socks. We are still waiting for them to dry. (lol) We did send out 9 pairs of pants to be laundried, but it was expensive. So I guess I will hand wash all the shirts today...

Today, Tuesday 11-27-12, is another free day and I think we are laying low. No guides no Kobe today. We might walk to lunch and/or dinner. Maybe to the supermarket our guide drew Steve a map. Steve wants to find some chinese DVDs for the boys... and himself (lol)

Thanks all for prayers and listening.
A tired mom,

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  1. Sherry, you guys are doing great! The days in China are so very special and full of memory making, but it can get wearisome. I'm so glad the boys seem to be comfortable and are grafting right into your family. Beautiful!