Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Eli's Gotcha Day is finally here!


Happy Thanksgiving!

We arrived at the Civil Affairs office in Xi'an at 4:50, so we were a little rushed and I just realized we did not get a family pic. Eli was waiting for us in a room upstairs when we arrived.

Kobe telling Eli who we are

Levi showing Eli his shirt to match him & Kai
Kobe talked with Eli's foster mom who asked if she could talk to Eli and I agreed. That's when the tears started... :(  Please pray for Eli's heart and for us to have wisdom to help him grieve and heal; plus pray for his foster family who had cared for him for 10 yrs. It was a rough beginning for Gotcha Day, but he is real smart and is going along with us and prayerfully all will turn out right. :)

Orphanage officials gave us a photo album and pictures he made

Levi gave Eli his Legos we brought him to help the sadness

Eli is getting advice from his new brothers on the Lego building

This would be the Lego building sibling support group. :)

Eli & Levi together at our first dinner with Eli
Found out he likes spicy food too

Eli & Kai, who is already being a great big brother.
We can't talk to Eli, but Kai can... for the most part.
In Zhengzhou, we tried to get Kai to talk to some of the other adoptive families kids, but he was too shy.
But he talks to Eli...

Kobe & Zoe at dinner
We are so thankful for Kobe!!!

Kobe's dinner meal

Kai posing with his 2nd order of shrimp fried rice
He can really put away some food!

Steve and I commented at dinner how we just could not stop looking at him...
We are so blessed!

After dinner, more bonding time back at hotel with Legos

This was fun to watch! They are getting along so far.

In fact, Levi & Eli played for a LONG time.
Then I tucked them in and prayed over them and off to sleep they went.

Tomorrow we have a busy morning. Off to the Civil Affairs office at 9am to interview, notarize and finalize Eli's adoption.

Then we have to find our luggage... apparently the Bullet Train doens't allow large luggage, and we had to check our luggage to be sent by another train and it is due to arrive tomorrow am. Sigh!

But luggage or no luggage, we are blessed and thankful for all God has given to us.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Sherry and family

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  1. So happy for you all! Welcome, Eli. Praying for his grieving heart to mend.

    In His Love,
    janet and gang