Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Monday, November 5, 2012


I did not know what else to call this post.

And I am sorry if you are a follower of our blog and have been waiting and waiting for an update. I had hoped to post "TA" and was waiting, but sadly it did not come today either.

My emotions are all over the place. Today is Day 13 of our TA wait. And we so expected it to come last week, especially after receiving a travel schedule and invoice from our agency.

But then last week was also a stressful week, as I was fundraising EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If you follow our blog, then you know we found out Fri Oct 26th that we were not receiving a Show Hope grant as we had hoped and thought we might.

And as of that same day, we were looking at possibly being very short of funds and trying to figrue out how we were going to bring our boys home.

If you read the blog posts last week, you know I was a basket case that first day.

But you also must have seen that God is FAITHFUL!

And it is HIM I wish to glorify in this post...

Because you see, in just ONE week God brought combined resources of:
promised donations,
lower adoption & travel costs,
and an interest free adoption loan...
totaling $14,500!


Now you see why the reason for the blog title.


If all resources promised and expected arrives on time...
pending CA dates, airline tickets and hotel reservations...
we "should" have enough money to make it to China and bring our boys home!!!


Thank you to ALL our prayer warriors. We know we could not have raised this money alone. We know that this is nothing short of a miracle. We know that your prayers were instrumental in this miracle. We know that God did this. We know that God planned it to show His LOVE & awesomeness. :)

So to ALL that gave... THANK YOU!

To ALL that prayed... THANK YOU!!

May God bless you ALL tenfold!

Now, we still have a few fundraisers to finish. But then we will probably need a few extra $$$ in country to buy the boys clothes and misc.

The 2013 Adoption Success Stories Calendars have been printed and shipped.
They are due to arrive Thurs. These are beautiful! They feature some fantastic adoptive families. Many well known advocates in the adoption community. So what better way to celebrate November as National Adoption month and advocate for adoption by ordering yours today. And Christmas is coming, what great gifts they'd make too. Each Calendar is only $12, plus s/h ($3.50 1st, $1.50 ea add) or use ChipIn button on right of blog.

The other part of my emotional roller coaster is that Sun Nov 4th marked one year since we first saw Eli's advocate video.

I just can NOT wait to hug my boy!

But at the same time my heart is so heavy for the HUGE transition he is about to go thru. He has been in the same foster family since he was an infant... for almost his entire life. Levi is the same age as Eli and I keep thinking about loosing him, what that would be like for me? Then what life would be like for him to have to leave us and go with strangers to a foreign country with strange smells, food and langauge. I KNOW this is God's plan, but I also know not every plan is easy. It will be for ALL our good in the end, but I can't imagine the middle just yet.

Which makes me want to hug him all the more.

And to add to the emotions and stress, I am worried about Kai... This weekend Shepherd's Field Children's Village, where Kai lives, got their first snow! Yes, S.N.O.W.

And unfortunately the heat doesn't get turned on until Nov 15th.

Side Note: If you need any other reason to get out tomorrow and VOTE, there's one: To keep your freedoms; including freedom from Govt, either communist or socialist, controling your family's heat...
And when you vote tomorrow, please say a prayer for Kai to stay warm and healthy until we can bring him home in a few short weeks.

When I first heard the news, I started crying. Then when I explained to hubby why I was crying he asked me one question: can you do anything to change the situation?

First my mind began whirling around to see how I could possibly get blankets and jackets to him ASAP... yeah, right Sherry!

Sadly, the real answer was "No!"

Which led to my wonderful husband's next response, "Except PRAY"...

So we are praying for ALL the children & staff to be warmed supernaturally until the heat comes on.

The update is our travel schedule shows two sets of dates either us landing in province on Nov 18th or Nov 25th. Just waiting for TA (travel approval)... our LAST step in the adoption process, to be able to schedule our CA (Consulate appointment) at US Embassy in Guangzhou, China... our LAST step in China before being able to bring the boys home.

So that's the update for today. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more good news. :)

Praising Jesus,

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  1. Hello from Beijing! Maybe you've already heard, but they decided to turn the heat on early in Beijing this year. It was turned on just over a week ago, just before that first snow hit. I thought you'd like to know! :)