Jesus said “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” - Mark 9:37

Saturday, November 24, 2012

First Free Day in Xian 11-24-12

Visit to Xi'an City Wall

We took the subway, which was an adventure for all the kids. Then we crossed some CRAZY traffic to get to the center entrance of the city wall.
Before going up the wall

on our way up

photo op with Kobe (Eli's english tutor)
Levi & Eli started replaying yesterdays fun with the ninja star toys. I told them to be careful not to throw them to hard or they'd go over the wall... Yeah, well the pic below was taken right before Eli threw his up & over the wall. (lol)

and this is where it landed in traffic down below

traffic running it over
The kids laughed...

Kai likes having his pic taken now :)

We rented bikes to ride on the wall. That was such a great experience for all of them.

Kai had a blast. He couldn't wait to get on his bike.
He did pretty good, but had ot stop for a break half way thru
Eli rode tandum bike with Baba (Steve/Dad) and loved it!
Steve said he had lots of help peddling too.

Family photo on the wall

Kobe jumped in for fun pic
We had great views of the city. We really like Xi'an!

old drums in front of the pretty building

Xi'an has two mascots they believe guard the city...
a Dragon & a Pheonix

Kobe dodging traffic to save the ninja toy
that was still in the road when we came down

Yay! Kobe saved the day... lol
After the wall we took the subway back and stopped and had lunch at Burger King. Zoe & Levi request. Haha! Then we headed back to the hotel for an afternoon rest and more bonding with video games & cartoons. Kai took a nap. Zoe & Steve played on computers. Levi & Eli played Nintendo DS. I uploaded pics. And "Pleasant Goat", chinese cartoon favorite of Eli's, played in background.

We have had a great day so far. Other than Kai slightly over doing it maybe and giving me a scare with headache and not finishing lunch... So NOT like him. He usually eats his meal and then asks for everyone elses. lol But after some tylenol and a nap, he feels better.

Tonight we plan to eat in, play Uno and enjoy some family time.

We are grateful to have Kobe to help translate and transition Eli. Kai helps too and is a great big brother. And it was funny because last night at dinner, Eli translated Kai's chinese for Kobe, because Kobe couldn't understand his speech, but apparently Eli has already figrued him out. That is awesome! It feels like Kai has been with us forever and Eli is doing really well so far. In adition to Kobe & Kai, we use Google translate, flashcards and gesturing. He is smart and is learning routine things quickly. He seems happy and he LOVES the video games. He is very compliant and we haven't had any problems with him or Kai. We just feel so blessed! Praying for wisdom how to continue this new journey. Can't wait to get home and be with our other boys too. And because things here are so different, that the boys are going to be learning things twice. And that this is NOT how we live everyday. i.e. we do NOT have soda twice a day... And I do NOT cook a HUGE breakfast buffet. (lol) So there is still lots of  changes ahead. But we feel like things are going well now. :)

Thank you all again for yoru prayers. Please keep them coming.


  1. So wonderful to see you all together. May God continue to give you peace and wisdom as you navigate through all these changes!

  2. It was great seeing the update!